Join Kim Mudangnim on Neovel

Seoul Villages and its 3 short stories featuring Kim Mudangnim* are now available online on Neovel, both in English and in French:

. (English) 'Seoul Villages: Guisin-dong and other Seoul villages': neovel.io/book/15577/EN/seoul-villages-guisin-dong-and-other-seoul-villages

. (French) 'Seoul Villages : Guisin-dong et autres villages de Seoul': fr.neovel.io/book/12934/FR/seoul-villages-guisin-dong-et-autres-villages-de-seoul  

Enjoy the read!

KIM Mudangnim 2023
Featured in 'Seoul Villages'

*  '(Alleyways - Ogin-dong - Autumn)' / 'Hunting for Kim Mudangnim' / '(Alleyways - Sajik-dong - Somewhen)'

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